Tatyana Sleptsova – Tita, grew up in a family of artists, but she herself started her artistic career, which gradually turned her into the makeup artist that she is today, in the Art Academy. Her striving for art meets her with one of the best makeup artists – Dimitar Kocklin, who later became her teacher. He shows her not only fine techniques but also work ethics, and helps her understand that the makeup artist should also play the role of a psychologist for his actors and clients. Tita gathers experience in television, theater and cinema. The big screen fascinates her because the movies are full of live and real.

For four years she was the first assistant in a film company working for the SiFi Channel. She worked with actors such as Adrian Paul, Stephen Baldwin, Peter Coyote, Stana Katic, John Rhys-Davies.

The first actress, to whom Tita has the honor of becoming a personal makeup artist, is Marisa Tomei, a woman with a lot of experience and requirements, an Oscar winner. Then there are other famous actors such as Cuba Gooding JR., Martin Sheen, Brenton Thwaites, Edward Burns, Max Von Sydow, Michael Pare, Elias Koteas, Leelee Sobieski, Ving Rhames.

Nu Boyana Film Production also trusted her as a main makeup artist, and as a personal makeup artist in films involving Salma Hayek, Adrien Brody, John Malkovich, Milla Yovovich and Patrick Stewart.

Tita has the chance to catch a glimpse of the work of great directors such as Peter Weir and of operators such as Vilmos Zsigmond.

The film companies that she works for are Millenium films, Warner Bros, Europa Films, Twentieth Cetrury Fox, Nu Boyana Film Production, BUFO and others.

Despite her interests as a makeup artist, Tatyana Sleptsova – Tita, does not abandon painting, which determines her whole essence.