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Tatyana Sleptsova – Tita, works for more than 15 years as a makeup artist for the TV, the theater and the cinema. Her individual approach to every actor makes her wanted as a personal makeup artist for SALMA HAYEK, MARISA TOMEI, JOHN MALKOVICH, CUBA GOODING JR, ADRIAN BRODY, MARTIN SHEEN, BRENTON THWAITES.

The daily stress, the impact of the climate, dust and heavy makeup, as well as many other irritants, require excellent hygiene and skin protection.

Titta has always been bio-oriented. Her desire to protect the skin and make it look hydrated, shiny and alive prompts her to create Titta Silky Skills.


Titta Silky Skills are cosmetics made entirely of certified organic and natural ingredients. Base oil combinations are designed to soothe allergies and to reduce skin sensitivity from the harmful environment as well as to protect it from weather conditions and the time.

They are not medicinal products! Designed for external use! They are made without chemicals and preservatives.


The purpose of makeup is to highlight beauty and to cover up small defects. With the introduction of a better technique in the world of cinema, the legibility of makeup on the screen is minimized.

The natural look is the most complex makeup. It should not show the use of cosmetics but should also help in building up the image. Creating characters requires taste, style, knowledge, and precise hand.

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As s exfoliating body and hand scrub, Bodyguard gently removes dead skin cells. The apricot oil restores the tenderness, softness and vitality of the skin. Bodyguard provides lasting hydration. The aroma of mint, blueberries and orange enhances the feeling of freshness and eliminates tiredness. The mint oil has a high salicylic acid content that makes the removal of dead skin cells more easy. Available in a 125ml aluminum box

Bounty Hunter

The combination of base and essential oils occurs only in Bounty Hunter. The careful selection and the quantity of the essential oils is antibacterial, antiseptic and comorting. Zinc has the ability to dry and protect, the tamanu oil - to restore, while the other oils - to hydrate and regenerate. Excellent for removing pimples, but also appropriate for insect bites and rash, breakouts. The combination of these oils is also suitable for baby hygiene - it soothes the eczema, protects the skin from moisture and softens. Available in a 15ml aluminum box

Eat, Pray and Love

Titta "Eat, Pray and Love" has a slight shade of red clay. It keeps the softness and moisture of the lips. It gives an irresistible look. The combination of camellia oil, raspberry and rosehip seeds soothes cracked lips, protects against drying and acts as a shield for UV rays. Available in a 15ml aluminum box

Far and Away

Serum for the area around the eyes. Caffeine and buckwheat oil have proven drainage properties. It soothes the highly sensitive thin skin around the eyes. Reduces significantly puffiness, dark circles, and loss of elasticity. Available in a dark glass bottle of 15ml

Far and Away

Butter for the eye contour area. Caffeine and buckwheat oil have proven drainage properties. Creamy oil for the sensitive and tinny skin around the eyes. It significantly reduces puffiness, dark circles and loss of elasticity. Available in a 15ml aluminum box

Fast and Furious

Fast and Furious&amp really restores and soothes. The combination of tamanu with shea oil helps the cells to regenerate and restore the freshness, smoothness and tenderness of the skin. Creamy formula with soft texture that acts as a shield against the harmful impact of the environment. I came up with this product after seeking treatment for the allergic reactions of some actors to a prosthetic. Their skin after its 12-hours-use gets allergic reactions, rashes or ,in the best case - redness. Available in a 60ml aluminum box

From head to toe

"From head to toe" - a body kit that includes the necessary products:
  • Bodyguard Scrub
  • Fast and Furious Butter

Message in a Bottle

Steam distilled organic rose water. It is used therapeutically and is one of the most powerful remedies that relieve Pitta Dosha, which in Ayurveda is sensitive, irritated, reddened skin exposed to sunlight and stress. Available in a 30ml bottle

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